Rural Feel in Florida


“Discover Wedgefield, Florida—Your Investment Oasis! 🌴

Build with us in Wedgefield!

  1. Nature’s Canvas: Picturesque landscapes for every home.

  2. Strategic Location: Urban proximity, suburban charm.

  3. Growing Community: Join a thriving, dynamic city.

  4. Education Hub: Zoned for quality schools.

  5. Recreational Bliss: Diverse activities for an active lifestyle.

  6. City Vision: Ongoing development plans for a progressive future.

Why Wedgefield?

  • Nature trails at Hal Scott Preserve.
  • Premier golf at Cape Orlando Club.
  • East Coast beaches within reach.
  • Proximity to Orlando’s amenities.
  • Local leisure at Wedgefield Golf Club.
  • Education at Wedgefield K-8 School.

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