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If you are an investor or are planning to build your next home in American lands, count on our experts. We have opportunities that are easy and meet all your needs for investing here in the United States.

Take the opportunity to profit within the real estate market in the USA!

The US real estate market has a history of stability and offers many opportunities for investors who, like you, are looking to earn a significant return on their money. At Martins Development, we recognize these advantages and offer ideal real estate investment conditions to help you make the most of these opportunities.

With our help, you can enjoy an easy real estate investment with a profitable return in a short period of time. Contact us today to find out how to safely invest in real estate in American territory.

Get an ROI of up to 22% on your investment within 6 months


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We have listed 4 reasons for you to work with us:


We will keep you updated about all the information regarding your project and the team that is working on it. You can follow up your process through an app that we provide.


We work with a team formed by 40 excellent professionals in order to deliver your project in record time. This way, you wait less time to profit more!


Our team has licensed professionals who have the experience needed to meet the requirements of all buyers.

Return On Investment

We offer the best ROI in the market.

About us

We are happy that you are here. Welcome to Martins Development: we are a homebuilder company that looks for investors who desire to build great houses and make a profit selling them.

During 10 years of work we have provided hundreds of investors with safety and high profit on their investments. Our team is currently formed by 40 professionals, who are highly qualified to build houses with efficiency and agility to quickly deliver you the results.

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